IEC Expansion Project

Current Status

Date Activity
6/12/2008Annexation: IEC Property annexed with the Village of Glendale Heights
9/1/2009IEC Expansion Project Started
4/1/2010Dome Architect/Engineering Firm Selected
10/1/2011Water/Sewer connected with the Village
2/1/2012Architectural Plan Finalized
3/1/2012Site Plan Permit Application submitted to the Village
5/1/2012Vacate the easement of 66 Feet strip of land on the south end
of property that Village had planned to use for extending the
Peterson Ave.
8/9/2013Detailed Architectural design drawing submitted
8/26/2013Village comments received to modify certain parts of the drawing
9/13/2013Detailed Architectural design drawing was re-submitted after
making changes required by the Village

Construction Timeline
Date Current Activity
9/15/2013Solicit Contractor Pre-Qualification Application
10/1/2013Expect Village Permit to go ahead with Construction
10/15/2013Provide qualified contractors with RFP documents
11/15/2013Receive Contractor Proposals
12/31/2013Select a Building Contractor
3/1/2014Given Appropriate Funds - Insha-Allah Begin Contruction
12/31/2014Given Appropriate Funds - Insha-Allah Complete Construction
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