Ladies Committee Application and Nomination Form

Term: Rabi-us-sani 1438H Rabi-ul-Awwal 1439H

Applicant: Please complete sections 1 through 4 of this application.

Section 1.Name and Contact Information

Name of Applicant: Date of Application:
Home Address:
Home Phone:Home Cell Phone:
E-mail Address:
Applicant Signature:

Section 2. Department Portfolio and Co-Management
1) Please state your interest for two (2) Department Portfolios you most desire. Provide ranking using
numbers 1 and 2. Please note that there is no guarantee you will be placed in your primary or perhaps
even secondary position of choice.
2) Please give particular attention to section 4.

Rank Portfolio Rank Portfolio
Programs Tabarruk Management
Azakhana Management Youth
Public Relations and Community Development General Services and Volunteers

By legibly printing your name in the statement below, you are attesting to the statement.
I hereby agree to fulfill and honor duties and responsibilities
in their entirety as stated in the job description for the portfolio that would given to me by the Board of
Trustees of IEC Husaini.

Ladies Committee Application and Nomination Form

Section 2 Continued: Department Portfolio and Co-Management

3) Have you participated in a departmental committee, served as a coordinator (i.e. Programs, Maintenance,
etc.) and/or the Muharrum and Safar Volunteer Team (VT)? (circle) Yes No — If YES,
please briefly list tasks you performed in the space provided below.
4) Irrespective of your desired department portfolio, please discuss at least 3 OPERATIONAL improvements
you would work to implement at IEC Husaini?
5) Do you clearly understand that a LC position requires commitment and sacrifice of personal time and
physical effort throughout the term; sometimes on very short notice? (circle) Yes No
6) Do you clearly understand that during the very important and vital months of Ramadan, Muharrum
and Safar, you will be required to attend multiple programs during the work week and assume cross

Section 3 . Commitment
functional tasks to maintain operational integrity?
(circle) Yes No
7) Do you clearly understand and agree that a possible lack of commitment in a LC position may have a
negative impact on operations, finances and future growth of the organization?
(circle) Yes No
8) (Optional) Please briefly discuss experiences, qualifications and/or personal attributes that were not
captured in the responses within this form, but you consider important in support of your application.
(use space below—bullets and numbering is acceptable)

Ladies Committee Application and Nomination Form

Scetion 4.Qualification Checklist for Ladies Committee

Yes No Criteria (please check Y/N boxes)
1) Do you have a strong faith in Usool-e-Deen based on reasoning and the teachings of Quran and Ahlul Bait?
2) Do you practice Froo-e- Deen? Specifically, do you
A. offer obligatory Salat and observe fasting?
B. pay Khums and Zakat when applicable?
C. practice Amr Bil Maroof (enjoining good) and Nahi Anil Munker (forbidding evil)?
D. practice Tawalla and Tabarra?
3) Are you a law abiding and legal resident or citizen of the United States?
4) Are you under Taqleed of one of the recognized Maraja’?
5) Do you respect the Ulema, IEC Husaini's Aalim in particular, and comply with his instructions in the Islamic Education Center?
6) Do you have a reputation of a good and just believer (Aadil Momin)?
7) Do you and your immediate family members bear Islamic appearance (i.e., beard for men and Islamic Hijab for women)?
8) Are you a mature, responsible person who possesses administrative and
managerial capabilities for contributing toward the achievement of the goals
of IEC as a ladies committee member?
9) Have you attended at least 50 percent of the IEC programs during the last
six months?
10) Are you planning to leave Chicago metropolitan area for more than two consecutive months?
11) Do you have an impeccable reputation? Specifically,
a. will you never reject Islamic guidance?
b. will communicate in proper manner (Akhlaq) and to cooperate with
the officers of IEC.
c. will always support the policies and activities of IEC.
d. will follow the constitution and bylaws of IEC.

Ladies Committee Application and Nomination Form

Section 5. Nomination by Two (2) Community Members

1)Name of Community Member: Date of Application:
Home Address:
Home Phone:Home Cell Phone:
E-mail Address:

2)Name of Community Member: Date of Application:
Home Address:
Home Phone:Home Cell Phone:
E-mail Address:


Section 6. For Completion By Board of Trustees
Is the Nomination ACCEPTED and will the applicant be selected as a Committee Member (circle)
Yes: No:
If YES, please list date and time applicant was notified of the decision by the Trustee and document
the applicant’s acceptance or denial of the selection. Please provide notes below.

If Nomination and selection was DENIED, please list date and time applicant was notified of the
decision by the Trustee. Please provide notes below.

Section 7.Trustees Print,Name Signature and Date
Trustee- Print/Sign/Date:
Trustee- Print/Sign/Date:
Trustee- Print/Sign/Date:

Section 8. A' Alim Signature
Moulana Saiyed Mehboob Mehdi Abidi al-Najafi: Date :