Resident Alim

Molana Mehboob Mehdi AbidiHujjat ul-Islam as-Saiyed Mehboob Mehdi ‘Abidi al-Najafi is the son of as-Syed ‘Abul Hashim ‘Abidi. He had his early education in Najaf at Madrasa as-Sadiq under the tutelage of Hujjatul Islam Shaykh Munir at-Turaihi, Shaykh Ibrahim Gharavi and Ayatullah Syed Kazim ash-Shubbar. His family became the target of the ruthless regime of Saddam and he was forced to leave the holy city of Najaf and migrated to Delhi, India. He went to Madrasa Nazimia, Lucknow, India, to pursue his studies under the tutelage of Hujjatul Islam Moulana Syed Muhammad Ayyub Naqavi, Hujjatul Islam Moulana Syed Muhammad Shakir Naqvi, Hujjatul Islam Maulana Muhammad Ghaffir Jawrasi and completed his Sutooh studies under Hujjatul Islam Shaykh Muhammad Husain Najafi and other teachers.

Later he continued his advanced studies and Dars Khariij under the tutor of Hujjatul Islam Shaykh Baqir al-Irawani. He was crowned ‘Amamah by Ayatullah al- Uzma Syed Shahabuddin Marashi al-Najafi in Qom, Iran. He still continues his academic prosperity and participates in Duruze Kharij by Ayatullah Udhma Ishaq al-Fayyaz (Najaf, Iraq) through telecommunication capabilities.

While living in India and even during his student years he always preached about Islam in different cities and places. He was Imam Jama’at at the Masjid of Imam ‘Ali an-Naqi, in New Delhi. He is just (‘Adil), highly learned and well-versed in Islamic Laws and posses commanding knowledge of Qur’an. He speaks Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English languages fluently.

He is an excellent orator. He is highly respected, regarded and honored by all Shi’as in Chicago as well as in other cities in United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada. He often visits other cities in the aforementioned countries to address Majalis & Jashan throughout the year, especially during the Islamic months of Muharram, Safar and Rabi-ul-Awwal.

He has been working tirelessly to improve the Chicago-area community, and to make it one of the most advanced and premiere Shi’i ithna ‘Ashari Muslim communities in America. He recognizes the special needs of the community especially, living in a Western country. He has participated and hosted several events to spread the message of Islam and the Holy Ahl al-Bayt, peace be with them. At DePaul University and University of Illinois, which are amongst the prestigious universities in Chicago, he spoke to Muslim and non-Muslim students alike about the Shi’i faith to foster understanding about the beliefs.

Additionally, he supports the initiatives in the community to host Islamic programs in different languages, especially in English, in order to cater to the needs of the youth and the growing number of converts to Shi’i Islam. He fosters the growth of our community and carries the potential to the next level.

Listed below are some of the projects undertaken by Hujjat ul-Islam as-Saiyed Mehboob Mehdi ‘Abidi al-Najafi for the benefit of our community:

  • Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of Mahrab and Mimbar, such as: Salaat, Salaat-ul Jum’ua, Salaat-ul ‘Eidain, Dars-e-Tafsir Qur’an, special seminars on contemporary community issues and Khitabat of Majlis and Jashan.
  • Lectures Tafseer of Qur’an on every Saturday after Fajr prayers.
  • Guides the Board of Directors of the IEC organization, especially the Programs Director in organizing and conducting religious and cultural programs.
  • Is the chief authority when selecting and approving the invitations to Ulema to recite Majalis during the days of mourning in the months of Moharram, Safar and Rabi-ul-Awwal.
  • Oversees the administration and operations of Islamic Education Center Sunday School that consists of approximately 300 students and 20+ staff members.
  • Oversees the administration and operations of Hadi School (Regular School up to 5th Grade with new grades added every year.)
  • Oversees the administration and operations of Valley of Peace (Cemetery with space for 1200 Graves)
  • Oversees the Sunday School students in organizing projects and presentations for the annual Imam Jaffar-as-Sadiq (as) Science Fair.
  • Established and as well as teaches in the Islamic Studies (Hawza) Summer classes for college students.
  • Oversees and participates in the television program, Guidance TV (a weekly broadcast of Islamic program over Comcast Cable Network in Chicago)
  • Oversees the publication of Husaini Times, a monthly newsletter from IEC.
  • Counseling of community members and families.
  • Promotes interfaith dialogue - conducts programs and also attends programs conducted by others.
  • Works with new converts to gently guide them onto the right path.
  • Encourages youth activities to attract and keep youth within the fold of Islam.
  • Member of the ‘Ulama Council.
  • Closely associated and highly admired by the youth of the community. Assures youth are involved, enthusiastic and develop a strong love for Islam.
  • Devoted to providing youth guidance on issues and matters of life, education and career.